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Seven reasons sticking with English will lose you export sales

Reason one: One in four people worldwide understand English at a useful level. Three out of four don’t. Let me introduce my cousin Tina. She’s a primary school teacher living and working in Bielefeld. Naturally enough, German is her first language. Fortunately for her monoglot British relatives though, ...

Exporting for the first time? Start here

“Where do I even start?” That’s the question our customers ask us most often when they’re considering exporting for the first time. If, like them, you’re daunted - even perhaps a little fearful of the paperwork and processes involved in selling your goods or services overseas, ...

Will English lose out as the lingua franca?

16th century Holy Roman Emperor Charles V apparently said that he spoke Latin with God, Italian with musicians, Spanish with his troops, German with lackeys, French with ladies and - wait for it - English with his horses! Obviously, he would not have believed it possible ...